Indiana’s premier haunted attractions destination! Featuring 3 horrifying attractions, and up to 72 acres of terror! Experience Dr. Rex E. Zenors latest experiment in the infamous haunted loft! Get lost with us in the 6 acre haunted trail complete with hillbilly horror hysteria! Or strap yourself in, and experience the end of the world in a real live zombie apocalypse on the haunted hayride!



Long ago, in the year 1692, after fleeing his home town to avoid involvement in the mysterious acts that led to the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Dr. E. Rex settled in a small rural area in Hancock County, Indiana. In the immediate years to follow, people and animals slowly began disappearing. Curious and outraged about the strange disappearances, the town-folk stormed the home of Dr. E. Rex in order to put a stop to his heinous acts. The doctor, although admitting to performing these experiments, never revealed the location of his secret laboratory in which they took place before he was hanged for his crimes against nature. It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that the secret laboratory of Dr. E. Rex was accidently uncovered in the loft of Piney Acres Farm and the doctor’s secrets exposed.

Dr. E. Rex’s maniacal laugh can still be heard on the wind, and that he haunts the loft to this day, hell-bent on finishing his final experiment.

TicketsSo watch your back, or you may just be the next experiment in the Haunted Loft at Piney Acres Scream Farm!









Remember those people and animals that started to go missing following the experimentations of Dr. E. Rex? If not, head over to the Haunted Loft to read all about it! However, for those of you who remember them all too well, then the Haunted Corn Maze is a must-see in order to truly understand what Dr. E. Rex had devoted his entire life to. While uncovering the loft, the Piney Acres Staff made a grave mistake… Accidentally freeing several of the experiments from their prison into the wild!

Take a stroll through the corn and the woods and you may just come face to face with what became of some of the missing people and animals of Dr. E. Rex’s horrific experiments.

But BEWARE, there are far worse things than people and animals lurking on the Piney Acres Haunted Trail and in the woods after the sun goes down… Enter at your own risk. You might just come face to face with the living dead.


Aside from the Haunted Loft and Haunted Corn Maze there is yet another destination that is the very definition of sinister and bone-chilling… That, of course, would be the Piney Acres Haunted Hayride. All aboard the hay-filled wagon that takes you through the very land that the experiments of Dr. E. Rex call home. Tour the land with one of our local guides, who have heard and witnessed the tales and legends of the horrific deeds that took place many many years ago at the hands of Dr. E. Rex.

WP_20141011_076Come enjoy the frightful stories of the heinous creatures that spawned from Dr. E. Rex’s evil laboratory and the havoc they have unfurled after their creation. But be warned, the experiments don’t take too kindly to new faces, and we’ve never been able to quite catch all of them…

If you’re not too afraid of the dark and things that go bump in the night, head on over and see if you have what it takes to brave the Piney Acres Haunted Hayride! Remember some things you just can’t unsee.


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Wishing everybody a Happy Halloween!!🎃 Another haunt season successfully in the books! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us this season. We love what we do, and we do it all for you.

Check out some of these awesome shots from this season!

Again, thank you all for an amazing season. See you bigger, badder, and even better in 2020!

Part of what makes our attractions so special is being outdoors, completely being surrounded by wilderness, cornstalks, and nature. Unfortunately that means if it rains, conditions can become dangerous for both our actors and our patrons. Safety is always our first priority. Tonight we will be closed due to weather.
However, stay tuned! We have some amazing video and photos to share with you all from our season this year! Stay scary out there!!🎃We are OPEN TONIGHT! 7-11pm 
We highly recommend coming out tonight, as the weather is looking quite scary tomorrow. Remember to always check our page for updates! 
Join us for the FINAL WEEKEND of 2019!
3 terrifying attractions, 72 acres of horror!
Only at Piney Acres Farm!Tomorrow it all begins one last time - 
Join us for our FINAL WEEKEND of 2019! 
3 terrifying attractions, 72 acres of horror. 
Open Fri. & Sat.
Only at Piney Acres Farm!

Tix Available HERE - NIGHTS! We have two nights left for the 2019 Halloween season! -

This is your LAST CHANCE to come witness the madness until next year! Come join us, for two nights of total terror!! We are open this Fri. & Sat.
3 terrifying attractions, 1 horrifying place
Only at Piney Acres Farm!TONIGHT we do it all again!🎃
Join us 7-11pm

You know where to be.
3 terrifying attractions, 72 acres of horror!
Only at Piney Acres Farm!We rise from the dead again TONIGHT!!

3 terrifying attractions, 1 horrifying place!
You know where to be.👻
Only at Piney Acres Farm!FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY!
-Head on over to our Facebook page to participate: 
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Only a couple of weekends left!! This week we will be giving away 2 FREE TICKETS for all 3 attractions to 2 very lucky people! Ticket includes admission to The Haunted Loft, Trail, and Hayride!

All you have to do in order to enter, is LIKE this post and COMMENT below with your answer to the following question! Contest ends tonight at midnight! Winners will be announced on Thursday! Goodluck!!👻🎃 Humor us! For this weeks question we want to know, what is the funniest or oddest thing you've ever received or handed out while Trick-or-treating? Not sure? Then we ask you to name your favorite Halloween candy! -

We rise from the grave again this Fri. & Sat.
Come join us!

Open every Fri. & Sat. in October
3 terrifying attractions, 1 horrifying place!
Only at Piney Acres Farm!OPEN TONIGHT! 
Gates burst open from 7-11pm.
Perfect night to get your scare on.

3 terrifying attractions, 1 horrifying place!
Only at Piney Acres Farm